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  • What are the requirements to use it?

    Next Best Target is a software as a service (SaaS) platform, so you just need a modern browser to start using it.
    However, for integrating with some advance datasources, like your contact center software, you might need to install a small piece of software (we call it NBT agent) on your premises, to be able to read and update the data directly. This agent is a lightweight Java application, so you'll need to have a box with JRE 7 or upper installed. For other data sources you can use your browser.

  • What about personal data?

    We don't need any personal data to optimize your campaign. Personal data doesn't add any valuable information in terms of prediction. And as we don't need it, we require your campaign not to send any personal data. This is the safest for both ends. We just require that your data has a unique ID so you can identify your rows, but no personal data at all.

  • Does it work for any campaign size?

    Yes. Biggest campaigns we currently run are about 1 million rows with more that 200 columns. That should be big enough for most of your campaigns, but we can go larger if you need to. Just let us know.

  • Do I need to have any historical data?

    Absolutely. We always require some historical data, so we can learn from it and discover the patterns in your population. The more historical data you have, the better we can optimize.

  • What if my data is not clean enough to be used in prodictive models?

    Clean and well organised data is key for the best prediction models. If your data requires some cleaning, our services department will be happy to help you on cleaning the data and defininig the procedures for next iterations.

  • And if my data doesn't have enough variables to calculate predictions?

    Very soon, you will be able to enrich your data right in the platform.
    The enrichment service adds well defined and trusted variables with valuable economic and sociodemographic information based on geographic zones, among others, to build a better prediction model.


  • Can I integrate it with my contact center software?

    Of course. You have 2 options to integrate.

    • NBT Agent: Using the NBT agent on your premises to read and update the appropiate database or filesystem
    • REST APIs: Using the integration REST API to invoke the services
    You can also use the email, FTP, file push/pull integration datasources (coming soon) to make your integration easier. If you need any help using any of them, we'll be happy to support you.

  • How can I integrate with X?

    If you need want to know any detail about how to integrate with your systems, Contact us, and we will be happy to check the details with you.


  • How much it cost? How can I purchase it?

    The pricing is based on monthly subscription with prices depending on your amount of data to process.
    Contact us. We'll be glad to go through all the pricing details with you.

  • Is there any minimum subscription period?

    Plans are paid monthly or yearly. Plans with annual commitment have a discount.

  • What if I need some help on setting it up?

    Some of the concepts might be new for you, so running your first campaigns might require some help from us.
    We will guide you through the set up of your first campaigns. You can also use our detailed guides with examples on how to config each aspect of the campaign.